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It’s rare to find four musicians who are equally devoted to something as much as American Cream. Over the past few years, American Cream has evolved from a few friends jamming together to a group of artists with a comprehensive, unified goal. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, American Cream seeks to resurrect the classic rock and roll sound of the sixties and seventies and combine it with the unforgettable and timeless indie rock of today. With influences that go back to the onset of the experimental age of rock and roll, they make it a point to have an organic approach to songwriting by being less electronically dependent. Using relatable modern melodies and unpredictable transitions, a seemingly perfect accidental combination of sounds is created. American Cream’s inspiration comes from a collaboration of the mellow vibe of Tom Petty, the excitement of The Who, the rawness of Kings of Leon and the edgy guitar instrumentation of the Arctic Monkeys.